Friday, April 27, 2012

IFTDO Award for PDPM - 2012

KNO received a 2012 certificate of merit from the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (link) for our Performance Driven Project Management program in Cyprus. 

Accepted by colleague Christine Marsh CPT with these remarks: 

 "KNO, with headquarters in Slovakia, is extremely honored to be awarded a Certificate of Merit in the work life balance category for 2012. Our pilot program of Performance Driven Project Management, delivered to the Turkish Cypriot Community is Cyprus, proved of both immediate and durable value in a territory suffering ongoing effects of historical conflict. 

We especially recognize the funding from the United States Agency for International Development executed through a World Learning capacity Development project that made this program possible. As well, we note the credential approved from the International Society for Performance Improvement allowing for ISPI issued certification of both managers and consultants in PDPM. Thanks again IFTDO!" 

See full report of the program impact here.

Further information on PDPM is linked here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Orientation to PDPM Blog

Welcome to the Performance Driven Project Management site. This blog tracks the progress of Turkish Cypriot project managers and local consultants on the journey to certification in PDPM. Select the links below to orient through the site for FAQs:

What is PDPM (slides)

Overview of PDPM Methods (video)

Mid-Point Progress Review (video/ppt)

Observations of PDPM Effectiveness (Video)

Applications of PDPM (video)

Many posts on the site report are update reports of the 12 different projects involved in this intensely interactive effort.

Friday, June 25, 2010

PDPM Journal of Performance Issued

The PDPM Journal of Performance containing the 12 TCC project cases and program details is finished.

Download the Journal

Select and download the individual stand-alone case histories

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Performansa Dayalı Proje Yonetimi (15-16 June 2010)

The first Turkish language PDPM workshop was concluded successfully today with 18 participants achieving certificates of completion.  The workshop, delivered by recently ISPI certified coaches, focused on the key elements of the method and prepares participants to work with coaches on their individual projects in the future. 

Elizabeth Kassinis, USAID COTR, visits the training and delivers brief remarks interpreted by Program Manager Suna Evran.

Some highlight photos below...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Certified Performance Driven Project Managers

The International Society for Performance Improvement has awarded the following Project Managers with the PDPM credential effective June 2010:

Faize Akçaba

Eliz Tefik

Ebru Tekman

Balkız Kandulu

Yusuf Sofu

Suna Evran

Sibel Paralik

Peral Sevgüm

Niyal Öztürk

Nergis Yılmaz

İlke Dağlı

Hilmi Numan

Hasan Üstünel

The Capacity Development Program will hold a ceremony for awarding framed certificates in Nicosia in June.

Certified Performance Driven Project Coaches

The International Society for Performance Improvement has awarded the following consultants with the PDPM credential effective June 2010

Çiğdem Aksu has both Masters and Bachelors in International Relations from Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta.  Currently she works for the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce in providing assistance to Chamber members and public in general, and providing consultation to member SME’s in developing projects and business plans for European Union funded grants. Previously she worked in media and instruction assignments for the Eastern Mediterranean University. Email:

Cem Cicek is an Integrated Marketing Communications Management Consultant with academic and professional background in many different countries. He has been working on projects ranging from fashion, lifestyle and hospitality to manufacturing, and insurance. Since moving to Cyprus in 2004, Mr. Cicek has primarily worked in donor funded projects for SMEs, Environment Conservation and Capacity Development in CSOs. Email: 

Memduh Erişmen graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Middle East technical University in 2003. After receiving his MSc degree at the Unv. Of Manchester, he worked at various companies in the UK and Cyprus. He is now working as a Project Coordinator and SME Consultant for the Management Centre since 2008. His major responsibilities cover the areas of SME Development, Project Design and Management, CE Marking for products and ISO group of standards.  Email: 

Ali Tüzünkan is the President of Innovia Technologies since 2006 managing and completing several industrial applications including Mobile, Database, Industrial and Web Applications. He holds a MSc in Computer Engineering from Anatolian University, Eskisehir and a BSc from Osmangazi University, Eskisehir in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Email: 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Writing of PDPM Case Stories Ongoing

Since the last workshop in Nicosia in April, KNO experts have been writing a series of "case analyzes" of the projects that were involved in the initial PDPM effort. These are currently under review for accuracy. Several have been selected for more in-depth coverage, and others as more mini-cases. The cases support a primary goal of the investment in PDPM for the Turkish Cypriot Community - that of promoting best practices in project management for SMEs and NGOs in upcoming years.

The focus of the cases are on the capacity building successes of the project. Since the goal of the program is to develop individual project manager and local consultant knowledge and skills, the case descriptions will primarily emphasize this aspect in the portraits.

Each project was quite different - some were relatively short duration and are able to be completed in the 8 months of the program training and coaching. Most however, are of quite longer duration and thus the PDPM skill building has been applied at the beginning or in some cases mid-point in execution.

The collection of cases will be published in English pdf format by the end of June. If funding is available, a Turkish translation will be provided by the end of summer.

They will be available from the CDP office PDPM Project Manager by request.